Our History

Established in Fareham, Hampshire by Beryl Mort in 1990 with just seven members, the Solent Sounds Chorus has flourished over the years and currently has forty seven + members. Beryl was the original driving force behind the chorus becoming affiliated with ‘Sweet Adeline’s International’ USA in 1992. Beryl remained a great inspiration to many of the chorus members before retiring in 1997. She was a member of the Sweet Adeline’s for a fantastic twenty five years. She was succeeded by Co- Directors Lorraine Howden and Sian Jones, until in 2002 Sian sadly passed away and Lorraine became sole Musical Director. Sharon Vaux was appointed at this time as her Assistant Director (and both Lorraine and Sharon still hold these posts to date)

As part of Region 31, the chorus competes annually in May at the Sweet Adeline’s convention which is held in various locations throughout the British Isles. Solent Sounds has enjoyed success over the years at these competitions, winning the Small Chorus Award twice, winning second place in the mid size chorus and also ’Most Improved Chorus’. Winning the Small Chorus Award in 1995 resulted in the chorus travelling to St Louis, Missouri to take part in a Small Chorus Performance Seminar and then onto join the Windsong Chorus in San Diego for a musical extravaganza.

In between competitions Solent Sounds regularly perform at a variety of functions and no venue is too big or too small.  Some of our more prestigious engagements include singing at the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Harley Davidson and on H.M.S.Victory and we are equally pleased to perform in a small group in a private home or for a charity event .